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Press Release: PrimusGFS Standard re-benchmarked by Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).
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Scheme Audit Documents

PrimusGFS Audit Documentation

PrimusGFS Version 2.1 has been utilized since February 2014 and was benchmarked under GFSI Guidance Document 6th Edition. Updates were made and released as PrimusGFS Version 2.2, available since 1 November 2015. As of 1 February 2016, PrimusGFS Version 2.2 will be mandatory for all PrimusGFS auditees.

PrimusGFS audits are composed of several modules and their applicability depends on the type of operation being audited:

Module 1 FSMS
Food Safety Management Systems
Applicable to all operations types
Module 2 GAP
Good Agricultural Practices
Applicable to growing areas (fields, ranches, greenhouses etc.). Harvest crew section is optional.
Module 2 GMP
Good Manufacturing Practices
Applicable to facilities (coolers, packinghouses, processors and storage)
Module 3 HACCP
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points
Applicable to all facilities, not applicable to growing areas/ harvest crews.

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PrimusGFS Standard ▲ Back to top ▲

This document is the scheme standard, and briefly explains the requirements of each subsection of the PrimusGFS scheme; it must be used in conjunction with the General Regulations, Questions and Expectations, and Guideline Interpretation documents.

PrimusGFS Standard Versión 2.1-2 (Versión en Español)

PrimusGFS Questions and Expectations ▲ Back to top ▲

PrimusGFS Questions and Expectations Version 2.1-2 (Versión en Español)

Summary of Changes to Questions and Expectations v2.1-2 ▲ Back to top ▲

This document summarizes the changes that were made to the PrimusGFS Questions and Expectations during the update from v2.1 to v2.1-2. Questions are color-coded to highlight new items.

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